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How to Find the Best Local Garage Door Repair Professional

how to findIf your garage door is squealing, catching, refusing to open or close, or has completely fallen off the rails, you need to call a local garage door repair professional right away. A quick look through a local directory or website can give you plenty of options, but determining which professional is best for your needs might be a challenge. No one wants to pay too much for a repair, have to wait around for help, or get scammed.

In order to find the best local garage door repair professional, consider the following tips and ask questions before signing any contracts.

Contact multiple garage door specialists and see who is available. A squeak can maybe wait a few days, but obvious damage or an inability to access the garage need prompt attention.

Look online at local directories and review sites, and see what other customers are saying about the work and customer service they received from each company. Be aware that some unscrupulous repairers may pay people to write reviews for them! If reviews read more like extensive articles full of effusive praise instead of what actual people might write, keep looking.

Once you narrow down your search, call up the garage repair finalists and ask these questions:

1Are you licensed and insured to do this work legally?

No one should ever trust their home, property, and family safety to an underhanded company that does not have appropriate licensing, permits, and insurance to perform the work they are asking you to pay for. Not only can this lead to big trouble legally, but you can also be in for a huge financial mess if the workers get hurt while taking care of your garage door problem.

2How experienced are you with this type of garage repair?

They question of experience and knowledge really has two parts. First, how long has the company or individual been in business? You are much more likely to get quality work from a company that has stood the test of time and is well-known in the community. Second, has the individual worker who will inspect, repair or replace your garage door done this kind of work successfully before?

3How much is this going to cost?

For homeowners with plenty of bills and expenses, it may seem like getting an estimate or exact quote for the garage door repair work is the most important thing to do first. Focusing on just the money, however, can lead to quick cash deals that may seem like a good thing until you realize the work was not done properly. Even a written invoice should be reviewed by both you and the repair person to make sure you are not being charged for things that were not done or necessary.

Hiring a professional garage door repair company requires some research and common sense. Online review sites and local directories can give you the best idea about who can fix the problem and how their former customers felt about the work. Once you have a few possibilities, give the garage door companies a quick call and find out the rest of the story before the decision is made.