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Garage Spring Cleaning: Garage Storage Tips

Here’s a fact that may surprise you – 57% of homeowners with two-car garages only have enough room to park one car within their garage, at best. That’s because most of us tend to keep stuff in the garage instead of getting rid of it.

So if you’ve always wanted to organize your garage, spring is the right time to get it done, before it gets too hot to even consider the option. Here are a few simple garage storage tips to make your garage spring cleaning easier.
spring cleaning

1 Choose a Free Day for the Task

You will need to find a free day to organize the garage, when you have no other distractions. Choose a weekend when you are completely free and have no other plans. The garage cleaning and organizing will take a few hours. You will need to do a lot of walking back and forth between the yard and the garage, and it does require at least some effort. If you can get your spouse or kids to help you out, that would be great.

2 Consider the Garage Space

One of the best ways to organize the garage is to install shelves in it. Measure the dimensions of the garage and find out how much space you have. Would you like to store heavier, larger items in the garage, or smaller ones? What’s your budget for the garage reorganization? Consult with a hardware professional before going ahead with your plans.

3 Organize a Garage Sale

Take a good, hard look at your garage and toss out the things that you don’t need and the stuff you haven’t used in years. Conduct a garage sale and invite your neighbors. Arrange for a space on your lawn or on the driveway to donate or sell the things you don’t need. Recycle whatever remains unsold. Clear out the garage as much as possible.

4 Clean the Garage Floor

If you haven’t cleaned the garage in years, it’s possible that a lot of dirt and grime has collected in the garage. Arrange for a professional garage cleaning service to clean the garage. Generally, professional cleaners use pressure washers to clean the floor and get rid of the cobwebs, dust, and dirt.

5 Organize the Garage

Install shelves, hooks, and racks in the garage. Carefully consider where you want your things to be stored. Kids’ toys should be organized on the lower shelves. Hazardous chemicals and tools should be placed on the higher shelves, out of reach of kids and pets. Things that you need every day such as shovels or your golf equipment should be stored in easily accessible locations.

That’s it: your garage is now clean and well-organized. Treat your family to dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate.