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How to Child-Proof Your Garage Door

How to Child-Proof Your Garage Door - ASAP Garage Door and Gate RepairParents focus on safety and well-being above all else when it comes to their children. Not only do they keep doors locked and windows secured, but they also have to focus on making the garage door child-proof and safe. These heavy doors can cause serious injury if operated improperly or if they fall down too quickly. Follow the recommendations below to make sure your children will stay safe around the garage door to your home.

Lock Your Doors from House to Garage

The most important thing to do in order to keep your children safe from the garage door is to prevent their access from. Something as simple as a keyed lock can make it impossible for them to get anywhere near the heavy door. For convenience sake, a different type of lock installed high up on the door instead of at doorknob height may suffice.

Keep Garage Door Openers Away From Little Hands

Small children and loved to play with their parents electronic devices from a smart phone to the TV remote control. If your garage door is electronically operated with remote, make sure your son or daughter does not see it as another plaything. Ideally, the garage door opener should be kept secured in the car. More modern options allow you to operate opening and closing the garage with your phone. A password-protected app would make it impossible for the child to get into mischief.

Garage Door Auto Reverse Systems

Even the best plans can go awry and you should not risk your child’s health and well-being to everyone’s memory to put their garage opener away properly. Contact a professional to install an auto reverse system on the opening motor and apparatus. These instantly reverse the direction of the door if it comes in contact with any object at all. This could be a toolbox left out when working on the car, a child’s toy that they would hate to see it squished, or the child themselves.

Motion Sensor Garage Door Motors

Another option to childproof your garage door is a motion sensor. Instead of activating a stop or reverse signal when the door touches something, it scans for movement under or near the door. These sensors must be tested regularly to ensure they are in proper working condition. However, the peace of mind that they can bring to parents is truly worth the effort. Keeping children safe around garage doors is not a difficult task if you prepare, research your options, and stay vigilant.