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A Guide to New Garage Doors

There are times when your garage door simply needs replacement. Garage doors can sometimes be the victim of unfortunate accidents, weather, or simply start to wear out. When it comes to selecting a new garage door though, there are a number of different options that you will need to choose from.

Each type of material for garage doors has its own pros and cons. The material you choose will have an effect on three main factors. They are the aesthetics of your home. The cost of the new door. And how long your new door will last.


An aluminium garage door gives you many options for design and is extremely light so you won’t need a very powerful motor to open and close it. Aluminium doors are also easy to open should you not get an opener. This is one of the least expensive options when it comes to selecting a garage door. The only problem with aluminium is that it’s susceptible to dents and damage. Something as simple as a ball hitting the garage door, could potentially lead to a dent.


Fiberglas is a newer type of garage door which offers some really interesting design features. Fiberglas can be molded quite easily into a variety of intriguing designs. Fiberglas is also extremely dent resistant but works as a weak insulator for your garage. One big disadvantage of using Fiberglas is that salt water damage might occur if you live near the ocean and the paint on Fiberglas can quickly fade with exposure to the elements. If you live in a fairly mild climate where the garage door won’t be exposed to many elements this could be a good option for you.


Wood garage doors can be painted extremely vibrant colors and is fairly durable. You can also purchase a would compensate garage door to sacrifice a bit of durability for a lighter construction that is much cheaper. Solid wood garage doors do require a fair amount of maintenance and upkeep after installation, in order to keep stain from fading on the door and to keep the door sealed. It is an excellent insulator for the home and can really protect your garage from the elements.


Steel garage doors feature an extremely low cost and low maintenance option with. Steel is a poor insulator. If you live in a cooler climate and want to spend a fair amount of time in your garage, steel might not be the right choice. By getting an extremely thick steel door your door will be able to take a lot of wear and tear and if you run a shop or find that your garage door does take a beating this could be the best way to go.