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How Much Will the Right Garage Door Opener Cost You?

How Much Will the Right Garage Door Opener Cost You - ASAP Garage Door and Gate Repair? - ASAP Garage Door & Gate RepairIt is pouring rain and you have five bags of groceries and a sleeping baby to get into the garage and house safely. At this moment and in many others, the regret of not having an automatic garage door opener installed has returned. It seemed like such a bother at the time, and the expense had to be too much for your budget, right?

Wrong. Garage door opener systems are more affordable, convenient and secure than ever before. They last a long time and only need replacement batteries for years in most cases. Also, there is no way to put a price on the security they afford your family and the way they make your life so much easier, too.

Garage Door Opener Price Range

Automatic garage door opener mechanisms come in a range of prices from approximately $100 to $300 or more. This amount is for the hardware only. Professional installation would be extra and highly recommended, as you would want the garage door to open smoothly and reliably every time you press the button, without fail. Although you could save a small amount of money by installing the opener yourself, there is a greater chance of machine failure or some mistake being made that could compromise your home and your family’s safety.

Extra Options That May Increase Price

The main reason for the difference in prices is the lift capacity of the garage door opener, the strength of the materials is made from, and its proposed longevity. Less expensive models are fine for hollow and more lightweight garage doors, while more expensive and sturdier models may be necessary for solid wood options or doors with heavy glass.

Besides the lift capacity and overall quality of the product, options that make the garage door opener easier to use may also drive up the cost. These days, you can get an opener that allows you to make your garage door go up or come back down using your smartphone instead of a dedicated remote control. For those models with two- or three-button remotes, you may want one that comes with multiple remotes so everyone in the household can have their own.

There are even garage door openers that have automatic close timers. This means if you leave the garage door open for 10 or 15 minutes, it will close automatically. This is a great safety feature because no one will be able to see all the things they could steal through your open garage door, or access your home through the garage. Another available safety feature of more expensive garage door opener models is the ability to automatically turn on lights when you open the door or press a button on the remote.

If you spend $100 to $300 on an automatic garage door opener and expect reliable and safe operation for years to come, it makes sense to hire an experienced and licensed professional to install it properly for you. With the safety of your family and home on the line, potential mistakes made by attempting to do it yourself are not worth a small amount of savings.