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Why New Garage Doors Boost Your TN Home Value

home valueA home is an investment. You want your home to increase in value whether you want to re-sell it for a higher price or take out a loan on the price later to get more cash. If there is something you can do to increase your home value without waiting for the market to change, then why wouldn’t you do it? New garage doors are not only profitable, but they can also make your life much easier. Every home improvement guru and checklist encourages you to start your renovations with the garage door.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Doors

You might not realize what an impact garage doors have on your house. Keep reading for reasons why a garage door drives up your home’s market value.


For a decent two-door replacement, you can make a modest investment to realize up to 76 to 87 percent return on your investment. Other projects may be a lot more expensive and time-consuming by comparison. You can have new garage doors installed in about a day. You have a plethora of options, from wood to steel and glass. In fact, realtors encourage replacing your garage doors before selling your house to drive up its value. According to, a new garage door has the fifth-highest return on investment of any home improvement projects.

Makes a Great First Impression

Even if the inside of your home is a palace, guests and prospective buyers start off outside of it. Therefore, the exterior, including the garage door, is the first thing people see. So, if it’s old, rickety, and outdated, your buyers may ask you to lower the value or have you fix your garage door before they consider buying the property. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and a shiny new garage door only adds to your curb appeal. A garage door is a simple way to speed up the selling process and put money in the bank. An ugly door can lend to an image problem that the house is poorly maintained.

Energy Conservation

Technology is always growing and developing. Your house should do the same if you want it to stand out in a competitive market. Energy efficiency has become an important factor in buying a home. An old-fashioned door will not be as efficient as it could be. Shelling out a little money now can help you save money in the long run with respect to your utility bills. Of course, you’ll want to do the research and find the best door that will help keep your wallet in better shape while improving your carbon footprint.

What to Look for When Purchasing Garage Doors

When taking the plunge to buying new doors, consider a few factors recommended by top handymen.

Get a Quote

Before you choose a door, you must know how much it costs. To get a real sense of the price tag, it is wise to get a quote in-person from a company. Every garage is unique, and a salesperson can check the size and shape of your garage to give you a more accurate estimate. Then, if there is a problem, the fault lies with the company and not with you.

Buyer Beware

Wood looks great, but it can be a pain to deal with and maintain. If ignored, wooden garage doors won’t be pretty for long. You can opt for a natural finish, but even then you need to recoat it eventually. A faux-wood finish is less expensive and will hold up. You can put steel or fiberglass as a base, and nobody will know the difference on a first glance.


If you want to save energy with an insulated option, you should consider upgrading to polyurethane, which is much more effective at keeping out the elements. You should also opt for more effective springs that can survive 20,000 cycles rather than the standard 10,000. It is only a little more money and will last for about a decade.

Get a New Opener

You may as well get a new garage door opener while you’re at it. Yours will fail eventually, so you can have a shiny new one with features galore. You’ll save money on the labor. Perhaps you can negotiate a deal or see if the company offers one.

You may think that you are saving money by installing garage doors yourself, but you’d be better off just getting them installed professionally. There are many parts involved and you need special tools. A pro will take your old door off and put your new door on without a fuss. And a pro can le you know if the garage door can be repaired rather than replaced to help you save money. If there is a problem, you know who to call.

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