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Avoiding garage door security pitfalls

thiefGarage door security risks that homeowners need to know about

A home break-in or burglary is devastating to a family. There is an acute sense of violation and on-going insecurity, in addition to any damage or loss of your valuable property. One of the easiest access points for thieves is the garage. Not only this a vulnerable opening for a break-in, your garage often contains expensive items that can be carried off easily even if the criminals do not gain access to your home.

If you drive down the street and see a work truck in your neighbor’s driveway with the garage door open, would you think twice about it? Smart thieves know that many homeowners do not secure their garages as tightly as they do their homes and use this knowledge to create opportunities.

What are the most common garage door security mistakes that you should be aware of?

lock the house1

Forgetting to close and lock the door

  • A considerable number of break-ins occur because the homeowners failed to take the time to close and lock garage doors properly. This failure can occur at the primary garage door and/or at the door between the garage and the house. Any inside door that accesses your home should have the same type of secure lock as your front door.


Old or improperly-set remote control garage door openers

  • If you have owned your push-button garage opener for a very long time, chances are it works on a specific electrical frequency that thieves can easily mimic with any other opener. If your device has a series of eight or 12 pegs or buttons to enable you to create a unique code, make sure you do so before setting up the mechanism. This will provide some security against thieves who drive around clicking a remote in hopes of opening someone’s garage door. Better yet, you can upgrade your system to a rolling code model that randomizes the numbers each time you open the door.

safety first3

“Advertising” all the expensive goodies in your garage

  • If your garage door has a row of windows, or if your garage has a clear window at the side or back, potential thieves can easily peek in and decide exactly what they want to steal. Because garages usually contain vehicles as well as expensive recreational items like bicycles and sporting gear and tools, they are prime targets for criminals seeking goods that can be easily disposed of. The solution to this problem is simple — cover the windows! You may use curtains or blinds, or apply frosted or patterned window cling-film. Or you may even paint the windows to prevent snooping.

4Neglecting to take extra security measures when you are away from home

  • While it may sound appealing to think of coming home from a long vacation, pushing the button on your garage door remote control and just driving in, it’s simply not worth it to leave your garage and home so vulnerable while you are gone. Leaving the garage door opener functioning when no one is home for an extended period gives potential thieves a helpful in. Make your property secure by taking the time to padlock the mechanical catch on the inside of the garage door, or install clamps to the overhead roller tracks so it is impossible for the garage door to be pushed up at all. This inconvenience is far better than coming home to a crime scene.