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Four ways to ensure that your automatic garage door provides optimal security for your property and family

Many of us tend to take our electrically-operated garage doors for granted these days. We’ve come to depend on these ingenious devices, not only for the convenience and comfort they provide, but also because they offer much better protection against would-be intruders than old-fashioned manual doors. Naturally, protecting your family and your property is one of your top-priorities, so here are four measures you can take to make sure your garage door is as secure as possible:

close garage door


On a regular basis, check to make sure that your garage door closes completely, with no gap at the bottom or side where it closes. In cold weather, ice may build up to prevent full-closure — this should be dealt with promptly so that your property is not vulnerable. Mechanical misalignment or disorders can also prevent your door from closing properly. Again, this should be addressed immediately. If you can’t fix the problem yourself, this is a time that calling a reputable garage door repair service is essential.



Make sure that the remote control for your garage door opener is programmed with a secure code. Many models of garage door openers utilize a “rolling-code” system that changes the security code each time the door is activated. This system prevents criminals from identifying and using the code for that door.If your garage door opener does not have a “rolling code” system, the manufacturer most likely programmed your remote and opener with a standard access code. Be sure that you have changed that code to one that is unique, and consider changing it on a regular basis to block attempts to obtain your code. Check your owner’s manual to find how to do this, or contact your garage door maintenance service for assistance.



Do not leave the remote control for your garage door opener in your vehicle! And never leave your remote with a valet or parking attendant. Don’t forget that your garage door remote is, effectively, the key to your property, and it is too important to handle carelessly. Keep in mind that if someone steals your remote, or steals your vehicle with the remote in it, you’ve given that criminal free access to your garage and, most likely, to your home. So take that remote with you when you leave your vehicle! You may find it convenient to obtain a keychain remote for this purpose.
For additional security, if — like most of us— your garage has an access door to your home, be sure to manually lock your house door when you leave home, just in case someone is able to get into your garage somehow.



When you plan to go on vacation or leave for a business trip or any other reason for a period of time, you may want to consider obtaining a vacation lock security switch which is available for many garage door opener models. Or, at least take the precaution of disabling your garage door opener simply by unplugging it. This will protect against accidents or deliberate attempts to trigger the code and open the door.