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Garage Door Maintenance

The Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

insulationWhether you have an attached or unattached garage on your property, proper insulation of the walls, roof, windows, and garage door make a big difference for comfort and condition of your vehicles, equipment, and any property stored within. If you… Continue reading

Garage Door Maintenance and Repair Tips

Being the largest door in the house, it is important that the garage door be regularly maintained. The garage door is necessary for keeping the family car and other belongings stored in the garage safe. Many people neglect maintaining their garage doors because of the apparent lack of necessity for this, but it is very essential. Garage door repair can be pretty costly so make sure to perform basic routine maintenance on a regular basis to ensure that the garage door does not cease functioning.

Check the moving parts of the garage door mechanism to make sure they are not bent or dented. Also, keep the parts of the door well lubricated to prevent rusting. The parts include the hinges, roller tracks, and latches. Wipe a little oil on all of the metal parts so they won’t rust and cause any of the parts to break or cause any dysfunction in the garage door. The garage door opener will need regular maintenance also. Apply lubricant along the full length of it to prevent rusting. Along with oiling the garage door components, make sure they are properly secured. Check the rails and the axles to make sure they are screwed in properly. If they are not, remedy the problem by securing them properly. Also, make sure all of those same parts are clean. There shouldn’t be any dirt on any of them left to build up over time.
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