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Garage Door Repair in Southaven MS

If you are in Southaven, MS and looking for a garage door repair professional, you’ve come to the right place. For decades, the folks in and around Southaven have put their trust in ASAP for garage door repairs and new installations.

Choosing best garage door repair company in Southaven

A well-maintained, operational garage door is an essential part of protecting your home and property. You and your family’s security, is also dependent upon having a garage door that operates smoothly and safely.

Garage doors are surprisingly complex mechanisms with lots of moving parts, working together to enable correct operation and security.

Most common garage door malfunctions can be prevented with regular, expert maintenance. Engaging a trustworthy professional is one of the best measures you can take to protect your family and property.

Common garage door malfunctions requiring expert attention

While opening or closing your garage door makes a loud noise

The sound is often described as a grinding, squealing or metal-on-metal screeching noise. This is usually an indication that the door needs maintenance—cleaning, lubrication, adjusting if needed. Again, routine professional maintenance is the best way to avoid this annoying problem.

Your garage door won’t close (or not all the way)

Obviously this is a security risk, as well as creating an energy drain if your garage is heated, or if the garage directly accesses your home. There may be a blockage, or the “close limit switch” may need to be adjusted.

Your garage door won’t say open

This can lead to very dangerous situations—a heavy door slamming down on a person (especially a small child) or pet can cause serious injury or even death. Apart from this danger, a door dropping unexpectedly can cause major damage to any vehicle or equipment that happens to be in the way. This is a problem that requires professional attention; do not open the door again, until your service person advises you to do so. This problem may be caused by worn-out springs or broken cables. Again, an expert inspection during regular maintenance is will help prevent the mechanisms from getting to the point of failure.

External damage to your garage door

Externally-caused damage (accidents, vandalism, storms) that prevents correct operation of the door or breaches security must be addressed ASAP. Call your maintenance and repair service and describe the damage clearly, so they can respond quickly and appropriately.If the damage to your door is less severe or primarily cosmetic, immediate attention isn’t essential, but repairs should be made soon to prevent deterioration and to return your home’s appearance to normal.

Local in Southaven MS

If you are in the Southaven area and have one of these issues, need a new garage door opener, need service on a gate, or if there’s anything else you think we can help with, please give us a call today @ 1-901-461-0385.