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Squeaky Garage Door? What Causes This Horrible Noise?

noisyEarly each morning you open the garage door to drive off to work and are met with a horrible squeak or squeal that could wake up the whole block. You come home after a long day and get to hear it again when you close and lock the garage door for the night. Not only is this squeak embarrassing and annoying, it can be a sign that something is very wrong and potentially dangerous.

A garage door that is not properly hung, aligned, or lubricated can not only be difficult to open, but it can also be quite dangerous for family members who try to open it up. It the garage door is remote controlled and has a pulley or chain system, the causes of squeaks and squeals can also burn out the motor.

What causes a garage door to squeak and squeal when it opens or closes?

There are a few different reasons why your garage door might be making a horrible noise when it moves.

1 Need for lubrication

There are so many moving parts on both manual and automatic garage doors that move and change during operation. Everything needs to be lubricated properly to keep things flowing quietly. It is recommended to use grease or oil specifically made for garage doors and other mechanical apparatus. Do not add too much, though, or the garage door can slip when you do not want it to.

2 Debris or dirt is stuck in the track

Small twigs, leaves, dead bugs, or dirt and grit in the track can cause squealing and squeaking as the garage door is pulled up and back down again. This is an easy fix. Simply get a small brush and clear everything out. While you’re at it, add a bit of lubrication as well.

3 The track is bent or warped

Whether the garage door mechanism was installed incorrectly or it bent over the years because of the weight of the door, damaged tracks can cause friction and noise when the garage door moves. This usually requires complete replacement of the tracks by a professional. Even if there was a way of straightening the tracks out, they would not be as strong as they were before.

4 Damaged wheels or rollers

Since the whole weight of the garage door is supported by the wheels or rollers that slide through the track, a lot of friction builds up whenever you move the door either up or down. One slight bit of damage or warping to these wheels can result in some loud and horrible noises.

A squeaking and squealing garage door means something is wrong with the mechanism. It could be as simple as the need for lubrication and as dangerous as a faulty spring that could send the heavy door crashing down without notice. It is important to identify what is causing the horrible squeaking noise so you can get it properly repaired by a professional.

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